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Trick or treat!

I absolutely love halloween! You get to get candy and wear a really cool costume for a night.

This halloween what I wanted to be was totally amazing.

Something different and something that no one really has thought to be.  But I cannot take all the credit to what my dream halloween costume is going to look like. Bethany Mota created the costume idea and how to do it.

Bethany Mota! aka popular youtuber

 For Halloween my dream costume is a minion from despicable me!

This is Bethany in her costume, it is also the same one i will eventually make in the future!

Bethany Mota Minion Halloween Costume!

To make this costume it takes a little while, but if you need help ask an adult and make sure it is okay with them first that you can make your costume. Here is Bethany Mota’s tutorial on how to make it.

If you want to check out Bethany’s channel her youtube name is MacBarbie07


Happy 4th of July!

Happy fourth of July!!!!

What is the 4th of July?

Also known as Independence Day, the fourth of July is federal holiday(public holiday) in the United States commemorating

or respecting the adoption of the declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776. Basically what that means is that the United

States declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain.


Declaration of Independence



How is the Fourth of July Celebrated?

The fourth of July is celebrated in various different ways such as;

  • fireworks
  • parades
  • barbecues
  • carnivals
  • fairs
  • picnics
  • concerts
  • baseball games
  • and family reunions

Independence Day is the National Day in the United States.

The Boston Pops Orchestra has hosted a music and firework show over the Charles River Esplanade

called the Boston Pops Fireworks.

Boston Pops Fireworks


Over Washington Monument

The main symbol for this major holiday is the American Flag.

American Flag

A lot of Americans wear Red, white, and blue; known as the flags colors. (patriotic)

Patriotic clothing


Along with Patriotic clothing we listen to music about our nation such as Yankee Doodle written by Richard Shuckburgh

around 1770′s during war and the Declaration of Independence.  This song is a familiar symbol of American Patriotism.


Also, another song commonly listened to is….



Other Countries:

In the Philippines, they celebrate July 4 as its Republic Day.








Summer Reading!

Every year my school picks a list of 15 books for 7th and 8th graders to read over the summer. Basically,

the previous 7th and 8th graders recommend books they have liked and think other students will like as well.

Unfortunely, I’m having an extremely hard time choosing my book for this summer so, I’m going to show to the book preview videos and have you vote on which book I should read.

Michael Vey: Prisoner of Cell 25         By Richard Paul Evens

Revived By Cat Patrick


The Raft By S.A. Bodeen

Whatever preview you thought was interesting please leave a comment. I’m stuck between these 3 books. Thanks

Upgraded my Blog!

Hello everyone!

I recently have been thinking about ways to upgrade everything I’m doing and for my blog, I have decided to add better pages so if you ever get bored of my posts you can come visit my blog to answer who am i, come check out celebrity mania, look at some new songs in my top songs, and even check out what I think is really cool in my vlog page!

To top things off I have added more links to to my blog roll! This includes my sister, Tristan’s blog and some of her friends that just were given blogs from Mr. Avery. Also, my friend, Molly who is in most of my classes has recently gotten a blog that she made with a little help with her dad. She has a lot of creative things and stories on her blog. Plus, she LOVES ONE DIRECTION! Anyways check those out in my blog roll section if you haven’t visited them too!


Where has the time gone?

I can not believe I have had my blog for a whole year now. I have been extremely busy and to see my blog progress over the last few months really makes me happy. I still have a ton of blog posts to write including my kosher foods one, new blogs, and when my niece will be born. So, keep checking out my blog. And sorry this post is extremely short, I promise the rest will be longer.


1,000 visitors!

Yay! Finally, 1,000 visitors. This is an accomplishment I have been trying to reach for a while now so thank you

if you have already checked out my blog!!!! To those who have just started visiting my blog welcome and I want to know your thoughts about it. I always like to know if you enjoy visiting my blog and love make it a fun place to visit on the computer. So, if you believe that if I need to make an improvement comment down below.

Okay so back to 1,000 visitors!!! If you don’t know how to view my visitors here is a picture of when I first noticed my visitors…


Basically, what this picture shows is my visitors nationwide. It may be hard to read but if you click on

the picture you’ll be able to see it.  Also, the next picture is of my top visitors and where they live.

So, again thanks to all, Keep checking out my blog because I’m going to be posting more posts and one will include Emma (from Noproblemma) and Hannah)from Hanging with Hannah)

Here Comes Tristan ! (But she needs help)

Mr. Avery like last year decided to give out blogs again this year. The rules was whoever commented the most got awarded their very own blog! And my sister, Tristan has won! She has come up with a few names with a bit of my help but is caught up between a few. 

She wants her blog name to be as unique as my own and wants to make it fit with her personality.

Here is a little bit about Tristan:

She is Nice.

Likes the color blue.

Loves Cheering!

Favorite food is raspberries.

Favorite song is “I knew you were Trouble” by Taylor Swift.


To help her please pick a name from the Poll below. If you have any suggestions, comment your thoughts! Everything is appreciated!

What Name Do You Like Better for my Sisters Blog?
pollcode.com free polls 
Poll Closes soon so cast your votes!


Pizap! Do you need a fun, and easy way to edit your photos? With pizap you shouldn’t have a problem. Pizap is a fun and easy way to edit your very own photos. You can make a collage, edit a photo, put yourself behind a background , make a timeline for facebook, and use some really cool webcam effects. This is what it looks like 

What I normally use is make a collage, edit a photo, and backgrounds because those are the funnest in my opinion.  Anyway, here are a few random examples I through together so if you need an inference to look off of you have one.




This picture isedit your photo. This has a really cool ways you can put your photos.  This is what I usually use to edit a really cool picture. Well, that’s because you can add the funny and silly stuff in too!   Okay, so the next picture I did is edit your picture.  And did you notice anything strange about Mr. Avery’s eyes or a mustache and bunny ears.


I definitely hope you consider using Pizap to  edit your photos. If you have used pizap or you just started using it leave a comment in the comment section. I’d even love to here more great websites!  www.pizap.com

I’ll have a new and more posts up soon!

A Wrap Of The Year And A Big Step Up!

This past month has been memorable.  From our first day of sixth grade to our last, it has been a terrific

last year in elementary.  Now that I have graduated and will be drifting away from Mr. Avery, my sister

will have him next year for a math and science teacher! Here is an animoto of my graduation.. sorry its kinda short!


Now the middle school is going to be a big step. From a 32 group of students to at least 300 students!

So hears how it works! Three different towns combined in to one school district, and there are 3 teams (which

is a group of kids you have classes with) which picks and puts you randomly on a team. These three team

s are 7-1, 7-2, and 7-3. I am on 7-2, with a bunch of my friends but everyone makes new friends when they

start going to the middle school and even the high school. I can’t wait to see my old friends and eventually my

new ones next year. I know, I and others will have an amazing experience at the middle school and in the future too!

Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do!

Every since our Winter concert 4th,5th, and 6th grade has been busy working on chorus concert songs. This spring our theme was “Disney Favorites”. This included 4th grade who  played their recorders and 5th and 6th grade who sung songs such as “Circle of Life, Siamese Cat Song, Hakuna Matata, Candle on the Water, I wanna be Like You, and Supercalifragilisticexpialiodocious.”

This is a video of both grades singing Hakuna Matata and Supercalifragilisticexpialiodocious.

Thank you Mr. Avery for recording our concert and thanks to Mrs. Cardinal for putting on a great Spring Concert this year.